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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ebook Sales: Numbers That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

I've been writing about how the whole ebook market has undergone massive acceleration in the past year, and if you want some hard data, look no further than this post. Amanda Hocking, a 26 year old writer who has never had a traditionally published novel, is selling excess of 100,000 ebooks a month. In January, she sold 450,000 ebooks. OK, yeah, they were only $3 apiece, and she only gets 70% of that... even if you can't do the math in your head you can tell it's a pretty good sum ( yeah, almost a million dollars in January... what will she do the rest of the year?).

Here's what one publisher said: "There's no publisher in the world who can offer her better terms than she's getting on the Kindle store all on her own."

OK, maybe if you've got an offer on the table for a $200,000 advance for your novel, maybe you should take it. And maybe not... and if you're sitting on a novel that's been making the rounds for months or years, why the hell aren't you putting it on the ebook market and making some money right now?

The ebook revolution is just getting started... we have just seen the beginning.

I know I'm getting my novels moving... no need to worry about a publisher, I just need to write some novels and make sure they're good. (Not an easy task by any means... but when I have those it's just a few short steps to market).

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