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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BREAKING: Panasonic's "The Jungle" Clearcut

The handheld that will never be.
Shocking news announced today: Panasonic has cancelled its hugely anticipated handheld MMO gaming device, "The Jungle." Yes, it's hard to believe given the overwhelming worldwide interest in Panasonic's offering, which I detailed in this post. OK, I did call it "The Fiasco", which turns out to be prescient. Amazing... what a stunning prediction. I mean, if you compare the stats of The Jungle to the 3DS and the NGP... wait, Panasonic never did announce any stats, did they? Or a price, or a launch date, or any reason at all to be enthusiastic.

At least it's a great lesson on how not to announce a product. Or develop one. I sure hope someone at Panasonic lost their job over this massive waste of company resources on a project that anyone with even a passing familiarity with the game market could have told them was a bad idea.

Well, Nintendo and Sony can breathe a little easier now that The Jungle isn't a threat.

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