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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Android In-App Payments Launch Set

Where you will find in-app payments for Android.
Finally, Google is set to launch in-app payments for Android. About frickin' time, say developers who have seen all the money coming to iOS products even though Android phones are selling better. Yeah, there are solutions from PayPal and others, but there's nothing like having something baked right into the system.

The launch looks to occur in May, probably rolled out in a big way at Google's developers conference (Google I/O) which is scheduled for May 10-11.

Games will be leading the charge at taking advantage of this, of course. Given that in-app payments make up more than half the revenue for Apple's iPhones, it stands to reason it should do reasonably well on Android. Maybe Android revenues will begin to amount to more than 1/20 of iOS revenues... can we go for 1/10?

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