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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apple Being Investigated By FTC

Look, kids! These can be yours if you just hand over mommy's credit card...
Looks like the complaints about in-app purchasing have found some investigators... the FTC has launched an investigation of Apple over the way kids have been running up hundreds or even thousands of dollars of purchases . (I wonder if smurfberries will be classed as a controlled substance?) Of course, now that Apple has made you enter the password again in order to initiate in-app purchases, this investigation may not go too far. But it's not clear yet whether Apple's solution will fix the problem entirely.

Also of concern is how sneaky companies are prepared to be in order to drain dollars out of hapless children. Excuse, I meant "adult power users," how silly of me to think that children would be the only players of The Smurf's Village. I wonder how this will affect Capcom's revenue stream? Probably makes them feel a little blue...

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