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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amazon App Store

It seems likely that Amazon will take a leading role in selling Android Apps with their upcoming App Store. One of the nice features: You'll be able to buy your apps online even before your have your Android device, in fact. So when you get your device you can have a full slate of apps ready to go.

The real news here, though, is that unlike Apple and Google, Amazon knows a thing or two about online stores and how to optimize sales through them. And how to help customers find products in a virtual environment. As in, "Customers who bought this also bought..." applied to Apps will be a huge way to get potential buyers to find your app. Think about all the customer reviews and how you can sort them, the customer lists, the wish lists... the tools and capabilities are endless compared to the crudity that is the current Android Market or the iTunes store (which is better than the Android Market, but that's not a high bar).

I look forward to Amazon's store debut, whenever that might be. Let's hope it's soon.

This is one of the nice features about Android that hasn't really been taken advantage of yet -- that anyone is allowed to open an app store. I'd like to see a game-specific app store, one where you could find games in the proper categories... rather than publishers sticking every tag possible on a game so they show up in all categories (see the iTunes store for examples too numerous to count).

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