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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Apple TV Games On The Way?

Hopefully the games will look better than this mockup.
The code doesn't lie, folks. And the clues are buried in the latest firmware release from Apple, showing references to online gaming, a controller, and a storefront. (See the link for details.) Google has at least come out in the open, with talks scheduled at GDC about games for smart TVs.

When might this occur? As far as Apple goes, it could be any time. Logically they want to see it well in place before the holiday shopping season, so you might expect it to come this summer... maybe September. It might require a new release of Apple TV for the hardware to really support the kind of games you'd want to see. Maybe there would be more storage space, or storage options.

Google TV is undergoing a rethinking right now, and the implication is the hardware will be revised along with the software. Again, release before the holidays would seem like a bright idea, if the engineers can handle it.

GDC should be a good place to find out rumors. Apple and Google should be there looking to gain support from key developers.

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  1. From what I understand there is not going to be any hardware changes - and any software changes can easily be pushed OTA. And Apple can put games on their platform and it may be ok... but Sony is going to be releasing a PlayStation Suite app on the Android Market for all Android based devices (specifically mentioning Google TV). As a DISH Network customer and employee I bought the Logitech Revue w/ Google TV right when it launched at the DISH customer price of $179 and haven't regretted it. This thing has completely simplified my TV experience. You can find out more, especially if you're a DISH customer, at