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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Humorous Marketing Advice

Here's a funny piece from Gamespy on how to build and market a Japanese or Western style RPG (electronic, I hasten to add). It's all too true in the conventions of electronic RPGs... and in their marketing. Sometimes you can get some good ideas on what not to do by reading some satire... a good reason to avoid the ordinary in both your game design and your marketing.

Though it is hard to get terribly creative with your marketing when the game is utterly formulaic. Then you risk making marketing claims that are way beyond the capability of your game to deliver. Which can put your future marketing at risk, as customers relegate you to the category of infomercial pitches and snake-oil salesmen, and start mistrusting everything you tell them. Overselling may help with your current product, but it can hurt you in the future.

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