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Thursday, March 11, 2010

GDC Day 2: Mobile Marketing

Some good suggestions on marketing iPhone games from the creators of Doodle Jump, which has now sold over 3 million copies on the iPhone. Frequent updates are a big help, but you have to have continuous involvement with your user base as well. Facebook, Twitter, email... monitor the channels of communication and engage the audience. Be ready to leap on opportunities that arise... like when you find out the Jonas Brothers play your game, be ready to blast that info out to your user base and buy an ad in a magazine that Jonas Brothers fans read.

Interestingly, advertising in general was cited as a mostly ineffective marketing tool for them, particularly because their game is only $0.99. Cost per acquisition was too high for most advertising to be cost-effective. Cross-promotions with Pocket God were much more useful, as were buy advertorials on Gizmodo.

I'll be working on a more detailed breakdown of marketing tips distilled from the GDC next week... after I recover from the show.

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