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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GDC Day 1

Lots of people were attending the various summits: Mobile, Social, iPhone, and lesser crowds in Serious Games, AI and other events. A number of vendors have tables in the hallways with literature about payment processing, virtual products, cloud computing, and similar topics of interest to developers.

Session contents were interesting. Social games are exploding, with industry revenue estimated to go from $450 million in 2009 to $850 million in 2010. Mobile games are also expanding rapidly, lead by iPhone games. Blackberry and Google are making strong efforts to attract game developers to their platforms, having realized how important games are to the success of the platforms. Apple only realized that after it was demonstrated to them... Apple didn't pay any attention to iPhone and iPod games at the beginning. Now games are a featured part of Apple's marketing efforts. iPod Touch sales are very largely impacted by games, and it's no coincidence that iPod touch sales exploded over the holidays.

It's a gold rush in mobile and social games, so pick and shovel vendors are proliferating.

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