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Friday, July 8, 2011

Games Are The Most Downloaded App

Games are even more popular than the weather.
I don't think this will surprise anyone, but it's nice to have the data: Games were the most downloaded app in Q2, according to Nielsen. Better still, 93% of game downloaders are willing to pay for games they like. Interestingly, iOS owners spent twice as much time playing games as the average mobile gamer.

Apple's App Store has reached 15 billion downloads, a rather impressive number when you consider it's only been around since 2007. This has resulted in Apple paying out about $2.5 billion to developers... of course, most developers only see a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, while some rake in millions. About thwo-thirds of the revenue from the top 100 titles comes from Free-To-Play (F2P) titles. For those titles, anywhere from about 0.5% to 6% of the users actually spend money on the title, which means over 90% of your players play for free. Still, when you can see over a million daily average users, you can make a nice chunk of change. The trick, of course, is getting to that number of customers...

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