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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apple Now #2 In Smartphones; RIM Sinks to #3

Apple's #2 and climbing.
To no one's great surprise (except perhaps RIM management), Apple has now surpassed the Blackberry as the #2 smartphone in the US. Of course, Android is #1. Want to bet that Apple's numbers will continue to improve when they release a new iPhone? Yeah, I thought you wouldn't.

I think Blackberry is toast; RIM missed their chance to be competitive years ago, and now they would have to do something amazing, and do it swiftly, to regain their lost eminence. It's not going to happen. The only question is whether or not the Microsoft/Nokia combo will succeed in gaining any sort of market share, or is that doomed to irrelevance as well?


  1. To be honest, android is far superior to Iphone so it's not a surprise =3

  2. One big way that Android phones are gaining in market share is pricing; you can get some pretty nifty Android phones for $150 or less, even without a contract commitment. Apple needs to address the low end of the price range if they really want to grow their market, and not just by offering an old model for less.

    Meanwhile, the problem for Android is that it's even harder for developers to make money there than it is on the iPhone (not that it's easy there, either).