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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

US Smartphone Market Share

Here's a look at the latest US smartphone market share numbers... You can see it better at the link, but the important part is this: Android 29%, Apple and RIM at 27%, and then there's everybody else. Hey RIM's not doing to bad, you think... except when you realize last quarter their share was 35%. As Blackberry users run out their contracts, they are finding their way to Android or iOS.

I expect Android will continue to grow their lead over Apple, unless Apple makes a significant move on the lower end of the price range. Sure, Apple needs an iPhone 5 to keep up with the Android Joneses, but the real place to pick up market share is in getting a $99 smartphone out there with no contract commitment.

Apple has already revolutionized the mobile phone business once. I don't think they're finished revolutionizing, yet. I expect a full range of price points, and maybe ways to cut the carriers out completely. One thing's for sure: They'll be selling a lot of phones.

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