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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lodsys Still Trolling App Developers

An excerpt from Lodsys' blog posting. See, Apple made them do it.
Some guys can't take a hint. Even though Apple sent a public nastygram their way, the guys at Lodsys are not shying away... they've moved up their lawsuit filings apparently because of Apple's action. So some app developers (like Iconfactory and Wulven Games) are going to have to respond to the legal actions. Meanwhile Apple must be trying to sort this all out... and Android developers are next on the hit list. It does take some chutzpah to see if you can anger both Apple and Google at the same time. Lodsys' lawyers will no doubt be racking up more than few billable hours.

A nice way to kick off Apple's Developer Conference coming up... I bet there's a resolution by then, or at least a clear signal from Apple that developers need not be scared by this. Hey, Apple, I hope you're handling the legal issues for these small developers... it's tough enough making money on apps without some patent troll costing you all your profits in legal fees.

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