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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Latest Gamer Demographics: 37 Years Old

Not an actual chart of demographic data.
The standard image of the gamer in the media is a teenage boy... well, the latest survey information shows that it's really teenage boys of all ages. And women, too. This survey is from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), and it surveyed 1200 households across America. (The PDF of the full survey can be found here.)

Some key facts from the survey: The average gamer is 37 years old. Some 42% of gamers are female, and women over 18 make up more than one-third of all gamers.

Interestingly, some 55% of gamers regularly play games on their smartphones. Looks like there's more overlap than Nintendo would care to contemplate between gamers on traditional consoles and smartphone gamers.

This sort of demographic information is crucial to determining your marketing your plans. You've got to have a reasonable idea of how large your market is, and who you are aiming at, if you hope to do a good job of getting your message across.

Sadly, demographic information is all too hard to come by unless you're a big enough company to purchase surveys. The rest of us need to glean what facts we can from surveys such as this one.

1 comment:

  1. The average age is much older than I expected it would be.

    It also makes me wonder why there's so many games that fell short of the bar because they were child orientated.