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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worst moments in videogame marketing

Nokia thought this was a cool way to introduce their price point. Not.
Here's an excellent roundup of some of the most embarrassing moments in videogame marketing. Some of the winners include Nokia's launch of the ill-fated N-gage gaming phone, the infamous Daikatana ad where John Romero proclaims he's about to make you his bitch, and the wonderful Sony ad for the PSP where they managed to set back race relations a few years. It's worth a look, so you can see what not to do when you market your games.

How do you avoid getting your product and company on a list of the Worst Marketing in years to come? You may have a clever idea, or your marketing person may think it's brilliant, but it's always good to get a reality check, especially when you hear the words "edgy" or "bold" used to describe it. Show the marketing to some outsiders... people who aren't in the business, aren't hipsters, aren't too cool for words. Like your mom, or the next-door neighbor. See what they think. Remember, not everyone who will see your marketing is going to "get" the deeper layers of nuance you think are obvious. Some will just see the surface... and if they are repelled, your marketing is not having the proper effect.

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