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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PS3 Sales Hit 41 Million

Actually the number shown was low... how often does that happen?
While the Xbox 360 has been consistently at the top of the charts for console sales in the last year, the battle for second place has been interesting. As Wii sales continue their slide, the PS3 has been making up some ground. Sony announced that they have hit 47.9 million PS3's worldwide by the end of 2010. Not a bad sized market.

Better still, 805 of them are connected to the internet and there are 70 million PSN accounts. Sell that digital content, Sony!

The big question in my mind is who makes the next price move: Sony or Microsoft? Which one blinks first? (The Wii doesn't count any more, really... its price drop is inevitable, the only question is whether Nintendo waits past the point where no one cares.) Both companies will try to maintain the price as long as possible... but I bet there might be drop in time for holiday shopping, or at least a pack-in title or two. Bundles with Move or Kinect might get an even better price... it'll be fun to watch the pricing battle!

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