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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Portable PC Gaming Re-Imagined

There's a flood of new product info coming out of CES, and this one caught my son's eye (tip o' the hat to Greg): The Razer Switchblade. Check out the video here to really get the idea.

They've got some Intel magic in there that's doing a pretty good job with the graphics, but the keyboard is the real hotness: They managed to put reasonable transparent keys above an LCD screen, so the keys are instantly reconfigurable to any game (or other usage). I can see this having an impact far beyond gaming, if it's used widely.

Of course, the success of this device depends in large part on its final specs, especially the price. If it has a fatal flaw (like poor battery life, or buggy performance, or crappy frame rate) it won't go anywhere. If the price is too high it may find a few buyers, but the larger market opportunity would be at lower price points. To my mind it will have to be under $1000 to have a shot, and the closer it gets to $500 the better. Tablets are going to be out there in many variations, and efforts to bring gaming hotness to them will be legion. (You could do the same trick the Switchblade is pulling with the keyboard with onscreen hotkeys on a multi-touch screen.) No info yet on release date or price, but it's worth keeping an eye out for it.

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