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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dead Space 2 Marketing

EA's gotten creative with their marketing for the upcoming Deadspace 2 game. Their marketing team figured that, hey, this game is not going to be your mother's favorite video game, and someone must have said "Let's prove it!" So they brought in dozens of mothers and filmed their responses to clips of the game, and now they're busy marketing the game as something your mother will hate.

Personally, I'm pulling for it. At least it's nice to see some creativity displayed in marketing efforts. It's funny, and it certainly acknowledges the target market. It also illustrates a key marketing principle: Don't be afraid to give up a market in order to better target a more important market segment.

It's also worthy of note because this is a technique you can use even without a massive marketing budget. Sure, EA is spending money to get the word out about the videos, but you can achieve much of the same effect by making your own video and putting it on YouTube, then working social media to help it go viral. If you've got an interesting enough idea behind the video, you can get a lot of attention.

Is the game any good? Well, some reviewers seem to like it. I certainly think the marketing efforts are worthy of note.

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