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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kinect Moving Faster Than Move

A survey from six months ago, before the releases.
Some numbers provided by industry analyst Michael Pachter point to a rather disappointing sales result for Sony, at least when compared to Microsoft. Seems like Kinect bundles outsold Move bundles by 5 to 1 in December. And the two top Kinect titles outsold the two top Move titles by 13 to 1. Microsoft claims to have shipped a total of 8 million Kinects thus far, which is not the same as sell-through, of course. Still impressive, though.

 Ultimately, I suspect Kinect has importance for Microsoft beyond games. They hope it can be a catalyst for selling more Xbox 360s for non-gaming usage, as a useful interface for watching movies and other non-gaming activities. I remain skeptical about that, though I think Kinect has more of a shot at that than the Move. Will either mean a big market for motion control games on non-Wii platforms? No, not unless they're packed in with each and every console sold, which isn't likely to happen any time soon. If ever.

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