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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sensual Marketing

No, not that. (The title did make you look, though.) I mean engaging multiple senses of your target audience to help extend your branding and pique their interest. Take Intel's use of a short melodic theme; it's instantly recognizable, and now they even show their employees in ads singing it. You hear those 5 notes, you think Intel (though I think having it as your ringtone goes a bit too far). They didn't have to pay big bucks to license a Rolling Stones tune, either. This is something that you could do for next to nothing, assuming you have musical talent or a close friend does. You don't have to create a theme song or a ballad; a few notes can do the trick. (You'll, ahem, note that Intel's theme is upbeat and ends on an upward, questing leap... perfect branding for them.)

You don't have to buy TV ads to make that musical branding impression, either. A very short theme can be put on your web site, made into a ringtone, heck, you can work it into your novel's PDF or your mobile game's theme. We sometimes forget how easy multimedia is to embed in things these days, even for products we don't normally think of as multimedia.

How about scent or touch? You can't do that on a web site... but you can do that at a convention appearance. (Although with the right imagery you can evoke an odor or a touch sensation... but tread carefully here!) Images, of course, are part of electronic games, but usually not part of novels beyond the cover. RPGs have a tradition of integrating imagery into the rules; but now even with a PDF you can go further, using video or animation or music. I for one am partial to older novels where you used to find Howard Pyle illustrated plates embedded here and there... what a treat!

So think about how to engage all the senses of your customers, and you may find some new ways to get people into your products.

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