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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Social Marketing

Marketing through use of social networking tools is a hot area, and it's not as cut and dried as more traditional marketing tools. You have to provide authentic information and a distinctive voice, which means being entertaining and informative. That's a tough prospect, especially if you're trying to create new posts every day. Part of how you build an audience is with frequent bits of new info. You have to work on providing all of this through a variety of sites and tools, not all of them cross-connected.

A good piece of advice is to try and build an inventory of content in advance. If you have a good stockpile it doesn't take too much time each day to post something that's already written. Start with your friends and business acquaintances, and have them help you build up your fan base to start with. Give fans some incentive to spread the news to other people. Regular new bits that are interesting will get passed along... is there some part of your game design that you can add to over time? Release new info and it will help expand your fan base. World of Warcraft has an expansion coming up sometime in the next year, but they've been steadily releasing bits of info for at least a year already. Info on the new character classes, concept art, occasional news items... it all adds up to keeping a constant presence in the fan base.

This doesn't happen by accident; you need to plan for this and keep it in mind as you create new products. Social marketing is a process, not a single event in time, and thus needs constant care and feeding.

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