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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apple's Ad Network

I predicted this when Apple bought Quattro last year: They're gonna roll their own ad network. Not that everyone else didn't figure it out, too, since it was pretty obvious. But it is of importance to iPhone and iPad game developers, since so many of the games are free or ad-supported. If Apple's implementation is good, this will be an important way for developers to make up for the low average price of iPhone games.

Part of it, of course, will be what users think of it, and that depends on how it gets implemented. But users don't seem to mind the current ads appearing on many iPhone games... and if they do, spending a buck or two to get rid of them hardly seems like a big deal if you like the game.

When it gets more interesting is if this will be available for e-books. I see no technical reason why not. It will be interesting to watch as a whole cultural segment gets transformed. Look, there have been ads in books before, but never in a widespread way. Apart from ads in the back for other books, very occasionally I remember seeing a cigarette add as an insert in a paperback... long long ago, that is. I think it will be seen differently these days, especially if many e-books are priced over $10. I bet an e-book at $5 with a few ads might go over very well... again, depending on how the ads get implemented.

It's an exciting time for the game and book publishing business.

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