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Friday, April 9, 2010

iAds: Apple Throws Down The Gauntlet

As expected, Apple has introduced its own ad service, something that all iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch developers can tap into. What wasn't expected was just how they've implemented it. Clearly, from what they said, they are throwing down the gauntlet with Google. This is clearly a way to take charge of the mobile ad market. If Google was thinking about implementing some version of their text ads on phones, they may want to think again. Apple is doing nothing less than trying to reinvent the whole concept of online advertising. If they succeed, and Google doesn't come up with a good answer, Google may be the Microsoft of the new decade.

Details are still forthcoming, and of course much will depend on exactly how this is implemented. Part of Google's success is due to how easy it is to create and place ads, and how easy it is to control the spending, and how easy it is to get excellent information on the performance of your advertising. Also to be seen is how obtrusive the ads are in use, and how relevant they are to the context, and how customers will respond to them.  Still, I have to give credit to Apple for taking an aggressive move. It may be ambitious, but even if it fails it will probably move the technology forward overall. Google could use some smart competition to help sharpen their game.

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