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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hasbro Brings 3D to iPhone/iPod Touch

Viewmaster 2010?
Yeah, you read that right. Hasbro. Not exactly a cutting edge technology company, but you have to give them credit for thinking big. They must have looked at the iPhone market, and the excitement over Nintendo's upcoming 3DS with the 3D display, and said "What if we could combine the two?"

This is their answer. My3D, a device that lets you slide in an iPod Touch or an iPhone, and it sells for $30. Of course, you'll need 3D content, which they're hoping will be games (some free), TV and movies, and perhaps even virtual excursions into aquariums and the like.

Gee, maybe they can redo some old Viewmaster collections and put them up as apps.

OK, perhaps you're sensing some skepticism on my part. Good catch... I think that putting something up to your face like that for more than a few moments will get real old, real fast. And how exactly would you control a game when the iPod is inside the case? Throwing your head around? What do you do when the phone rings? No amount of marketing will save a bad idea, and this is one of those cases. How bad it is depends on how much money Hasbro throws at it, which I hope for their sake isn't a lot.

I don't think this will take over the world. Remember, you heard that prediction here first.

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