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Monday, August 16, 2010

Google Games

According to this article on IndustryGamers, Google's push into gaming is no accident. Google is making a determined push into gaming for strategic reasons. Google believes games can help push Android and Google Checkout, which is certainly true. The Android game market currently looks rather feeble compared to the Apple market, but that can change quite swiftly if Google makes the right moves.

More important than those reasons is Google's desire to go after Facebook. However Google decides to deal with social networking, games have to be an important part of it -- 40% of the time spent on Facebook is due to people playing games. That's a strategic fact that can't be ignored.

Of course, we don't know exactly what Google plans for its push into gaming. You can bet, though, that they are planning to make advertising an integral part of gaming, and virtual goods will also be a priority. Opportunities are there for savvy game developers as Google will doubtless spend a lot of money to make their vision come true.

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