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Monday, May 17, 2010

Used Game Wars

Used games are a key component of GameStop's strategy... in fact, they are responsible for most of GameStop's profits. You might have thought that, with GameCrazy folding up, that GameStop was in a more solid position. Well, don't hold a party just yet, because Walmart is testing out used game sales (again).

The company they're working with, Game Trader, is the same one that's testing out used game sales in 7-11 stores. If these guys can get some traction with used games, it could spell big trouble for GameStop. Of course, GameStop already has plenty to worry about, with digital distribution eating into its business, continuing annoyance at publishers over the very concept of used game sales, and now EA taking solid steps to make used sports game sales even more problematic with their new Online Pass. (If you buy a used EA Sports game, you won't be able to play online unless you pay $10 for an Online Pass.)

Hey, maybe GameStop could sell more miniatures and card games.... maybe add some board games and RPGs... maybe some clever rack jobber could make some inroads there.

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