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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GameStop Under Fire

So 7-11 is now getting into selling used games. One more reason to think GameStop is going to have a tough time in the future. A company called Game Trading Technologies will be stocking cardboard displays in over 3,000 7-11 locations with games priced at $19.95 or less for a variety of platforms. Yet one more downside for games sold on physical media -- someone can resell it, and the publisher doesn't get any of that resale money. Wow, just think if it worked like that in the book market, nobody would buy new books! Oh, wait...

Of course, if the publishers were selling downloadable content for these titles, then maybe expanding the audience would be a good thing... they'd get a chance to sell the same DLC more than once for a single physical game. Thus turning game resales to their advantage, instead of griping how they don't make anything from those sales. Hmmm...

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  1. Makes me thing of a downloadable content for physical books would be cool.

    Steve Russell
    Rite Publishing