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Monday, January 11, 2010

Game Marketing in 2010

Marketing for games is in flux, and technology is to blame. Old marketing methods just don't apply as well in the fast-moving game markets. Game magazines are much reduced in reach and influence; game web sites have mostly taken their place. Social networks have made person-to-person marketing more important, but it requires a personal touch.

Conventions continue to be an important venue in adventure games, and are now becoming more important in electronic gaming as well. Classic game conventions have a growing electronic game presence, and new conventions catering primarily to electronic gamers are springing up. Many other types of conventions offer opportunities for marketing games that are connected to them; SF conventions, anime conventions, comic conventions, and more.

Now there's even more in-game marketing. Sometimes you used to see a flyer or catalog inside of a boxed game; now you can see ads for other games in many iPhone games.

Free-to-play games are in essence a marketing tool... as are special free weekends for online games. Many iPhone games offer free and paid versions. Many RPG publishers give away electronic copies of their basic rules, hoping to get more people to buy their books.

Marketing options have multiplied, and there are no easy choices that work for every game. I expect that we'll see more efforts to help with advertising for mobile and downloadable games, as Apple and Google intensify their rivalry.

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