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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Package Copy Fun

As has been my usual holiday practice, I volunteer with the local Toys For Tots campaign. We collected, sorted, and distributed over 5,000 toys and games to needy kids in the local area this year. Part of the fun for me is seeing what's happening in the toy and game market at a grass-roots level. There's always some interesting packages that come along, and this one wins my award this year for the Funniest Package Copy.

Check out the bullet points... "Fully Wonderful" is certainly going to get my attention, but who can argue with "Allare fangle and in high quality"? Certainly, low quality fangles are a recurring issue cited in consumer surveys as a key reason to avoid buying a product.

I am somewhat concerned by the name on the vehicle... "AIGator" sounds like a frightening, artificially intelligent reptile that could be scary for some kids.

This is package copy as art form... isn't "Many colours a lots, selected freely by yourself" a tone poem extolling freedom? I would never have had the boldness to try for such free verse.

It does make you wonder what our packages end up saying in China...

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  1. mighty dragon power of grip surely cannot be defeated!