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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things Are Changing

I just posted an interview on with Warren Spector, where he talks about how things have been changing in the game business. Check it out here. I was thinking of calling it When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, but thought better of it.

I'll be interviewing other Game Industry Legends in the coming weeks, like Richard Garriott and Sid Meier. It's interesting to compare and contrast their thoughts about the vast changes taking place in the game business these days.

Apologies to my audience here, but the exigencies of IndustryGamers have kept me hopping. I hope to get back to regular posting here soon.

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  1. Actually, you do a good job of keeping it worthwhile to check your blog from time to time. So many bloggers, once they get a position somewhere, just stop posting despite their stated intentions. Keep up the good blog!