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Friday, August 19, 2011

Roku's Added More Games

Now with even more games...
That didn't take long; Roku has just added 7 new casual games to its little streaming video box, to go along with Angry Birds. The 7 games are from Accedo, and cost a whopping 99 cents apiece. And so the concept of an app store for games appears in the family room, not with Apple TV or Google TV, but with Roku.

Google has just acquired Motorola, which happens to be a major cable-box manufacturer. IS it possible we could see Google TV getting some widespread adoption in the cable industry? Don't hold your breath; those cable boxes are just a way for cable companies to get you to pay for their DRM and give their profits a fat boost. They're unlikely to see any benefit to Google TV... "what's in it for me?" will be the question running through their minds.

I suspect Google may take their time with the Google TV relaunch, as Apple is apparently doing. Apple may pop up with a surprise for the holidays, but it looks like their new iPhone(s) being announced in September will probably be their major product introduction for the rest of the year, aside from some new MacBook Pros.

Roku may have the 99 cent family room game market all to itself this Christmas. I wonder if they'll let other developers in on the fun?

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