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Monday, December 20, 2010

Google TV Not Ready For Prime Time

It looks like Google has figured out that Google TV isn't ready for its debut yet; they've asked TV makers to delay their introductions of Google TV, which were planned for the CES show next month.  Google wants time to refine the software, which has gotten rather poor reviews. This would also give Google more time to land some deals for TV content, which have so far eluded them.

The downside of this is that Google has caught their TV partners by surprise right before a major trade show, which is not the way to build good long-term relationships. It's no fun scrambling to try and redo your CES presentation at the last minute. Google will have some work to do, not only in fixing their software problems.

It's kind of sad, really, that Google isn't able to capitalize on some of these opportunities faster. Apple has shown there's a huge demand for tablets, yet Google hasn't been able to create a tablet-specific version of Android yet. Which gives Apple many months free of effective competition. Looking at Android designed for phones on tablet size screens makes the iPad look very good indeed.

Granted, Apple TV is still pretty limited. But it does have a very easy to use interface, which is a base Apple can build on. Someday apps will be offered through Apple TV, and then the device's true potential will appear. Maybe Google TV will beat them to the punch, but this latest move isn't very promising. We may have t wait another year before these giants get their acts together, which gives Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo a little breathing room.

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