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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Followup

Many folks have just returned from the Origins game convention, no doubt exhausted by a long weekend of selling, demoing, and shmoozing. After a day of recovery, it's time to do The Followup. Marketing depends on both putting information out, and getting information in. This week is when you make sure you've got both ends covered.

First, add up all the money you spent on marketing specifically at the show. Fliers? Prizes? Ads in the convention booklet? That girl in the chainmail bikini you hired to stand in the hallway and give fliers to passersby? Add it all up and see how it compares to your sales. Hopefully, you tracked each marketing effort, so you can see what worked and what didn't. For instance, how many of those coupons in the fliers got redeemed? If you add up the cost of creating the flier, did the coupon generate enough extra profit to pay for itself? How about the different flier the girl handed out... did the redemptions cover her costs? This will tell you what tactics to use at the next show, and what to avoid.

Next, what did you learn from the show? What new products were hot, and which were not? Whose booth was great, and whose booth was lousy? Where were people crowding around, and why? Any trends in new products become apparent? Any buzz about industry trends? Make some notes so you don't forget this info. Was there any key thing ou learned that should affect your product development or marketing going forward, and how?

Finally, follow up on all those personal contacts. A quick email is fine in most cases. Someone interested in licensing? Give them the info they needed. Some retailers who want to carry your products? Give them that retailer packet you made up against just such an occasion. Distributors? Call that buyer and get them whatever they need, and don't delay.

The endless marketing cycle continues... and you need to get ready for the next show. It doesn't matter whether you do paper games, or electronic games, or novels... there are plenty of shows, consumer and trade, where you have opportunities to sell your products and build your fan base. Take full advantage of them!

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