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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gaming Magazines

I forgot to mention that not all gaming magazines are digital... Polymancer is one that still does the dead tree thing. On the electronic side, there's still PC Gamer and some specialty mags for certain platforms. But you'll find far more online editions of magazines (some old mags transformed, some new). The advantage of the paper ones would be its potential to reach a different demographic, actually being in stores where customers might stumble across them.

The internet is great for finding things that you already know about, but it's very hard to find things you aren't aware of already. Game stores and game conventions are wonderful for finding the stuff you think is cool that you never knew about. Which is why it's good to have some presence in those places, to help you get those new customers that can be very elusive.


  1. There are two more, regularly published, print magazines worth considering: Kobold Quarterly ( from Open Design and Level Up from Goodman Games (

    I've found people shying away from print advertising because they are unsure how to measure the results. This is too bad, since you're right about a magazine's ability to reach a different demographic than an online publication.

  2. Thanks, Ed, those are good references. I only wish there were more...