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Monday, October 22, 2012

Slick Marketing

In a world where marketing is no longer cut and dried, creative marketing can be a valuable tool for breaking through. This video showcases some clever event marketing turned viral video for the upcoming Bond film Skyfall, as well as Coke Zero. People were looking for some tickets to a showing of the movie, and found they had to work to get them. The result is a video that nearly everyone will enjoy watching.

Why is it effective? It's compelling enough that you want to show it to friends. The clever use of the Bond theme with a variety of nearby musicians, the obstacles, and even the final challenge -- all were amusing and very well executed.

The whole event took place in a Belgian transit center, and obviously it required a lot of planning to set up, as well as no small expense. What does Skyfall get out of it? LOts of exposure if enough people pass around the video. Will views translate into people watching the movie? Perhaps, but at least they've increased awareness of the movie release. Measuring that precisely will be difficult, of course.

How can this be replicated? I think the major lesson here is to be creative. Of course they had a good-sized budget to work with, but much can be done with some friends and a lot of creative thinking. 

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