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Sunday, March 4, 2012

GamesIndustry International Live

The new GamesIndustry International site, which combines and in a whole new layout, has gone live. Check it out. One cool feature I like is how if you click on my name, you not only get a bio, but it also shows all of the pieces I've written (not all the old ones from IndustryGamers yet, but at least some from this week as we switched over). Another nice feature is that it automatically formats for a mobile browser, so the site is easily read from a cell phone.

I'm sure there will be issues and glitches as we work things out; certainly it will get a stress test this week with all of the news stories we'll be posting from GDC. Not that I know how I'll find time to write everything... no in-depth analysis this week, just trying to re-direct the massive data stream.

I hope to see some of you during the show as I race from interview to interview...

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