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Monday, February 13, 2012

Collectible Card Apps?

Sure, there's been CCGs as software; you can play Magic: The Gathering online, after all. And virtual card games are all over the place, it seems, on a variety of platforms. Toy Fair is seeing a new take on the idea, though, from Nukotoys, with their Monsterology game pictured above. Apparently you flick one of their cards against your iPad or iPhone screen and it will appear inside... check out the video here.
This may or may not fly, of course. It's far too early to tell, and besides you have to see what sort of marketing they have lined up. And if the game is any good; its not easy to design a good card games. It's also not clear how much collectibility they are planning for, either.
Still, it's another interesting trend to keep an eye on for traditional gaming companies.


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