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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smartphones Converge With Set-top Boxes

Wireless HD video from your smartphone to your TV... made to order for gaming.
It's pretty clear that smartphone technology is heading for our family rooms, and a new technology announced by Qualcomm will help make it happen. Qualcomm's got a tri-band chip that will offer dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, and 60 GHz wireless  video transfer for speedy HD video. So you won't need to hook your tablet or your smartphone up to your TV with a cable; you'll be able to shoot video right to your HDTV.

Sure, you can play videos you happen to have on your smartphone... but really, the benefit of this technology will be playing your smartphone or tablet game on your big screen. Your controller is also your game machine... and at the rate the mobile video tech is advancing, these game machines in smartphone clothing will be surpassing current consoles soon.

If you thought the possibility for disruption of the current console market depended on Apple or Google or others producing dedicated boxes for the family room, think again. The capacity to destroy the current console market could be built into every tablet and smartphone in a year or two. Keep an eye on what's announced at E3, and see if any of it will in any way be a useful response to this apocalyptic technology. I'm betting it won't be...

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