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Monday, November 1, 2010

3DS Online Shop

Nintendo has figured out that their online shopping for the Wii and the DS might be less than optimal, so they're planning to improve the experience for the 3DS. They're changing the interface, adding videos and more information, and even allowing (gasp!) user ratings. Software you buy will be downloaded onto a 2 GB SD card (apparently included with the 3DS). You can (somehow) transfer previously purchased downloaded titles from the DSi to your 3DS.

Iwata-san even mentioned that there will be 3DS software for download... though I'm not sure he meant titles that would also be available on cartridges in stores. The real revolution will be when you can buy all software from your 3DS and never have to go into a retail store, and when all your games can be stored digitally in your 3DS so you never have to worry about which game you have with you.

Though Nintendo has even bigger plans for shopping: shopping for real stuff from your Wii, according to this post. Pretty neat, you can actually shop for goods on your TV screen. Imagine if you could do that from your computer, or even somehow hook your computer up to a TV and do that! Oh, wait a minute... something tells me this may not be an entirely new idea.

Here's what their press release says the selling points are:

  • Ease of use through the Wiimote
  •  Customers can enjoy shopping 24 hours through their television.
  • The service will offer over 10,000 items, from including food, fashion and furniture.
  • The service will offer exclusive items that will not be sold elsewhere.
  • Buyers will be able to make payments via credit card, cash on delivery and payment at nearby convenience stores.
  • The service will also allow orders to be placed via the phone.
No word on whether they'll try something like this outside of Japan. I don't think the Home Shopping Network needs to be worried though. Or Amazon. I guess for Japan it's revolutionary, though.

I'm not sure that Nintendo is inventing the future any more; seems more like they're inventing 1997.

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