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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Benefits of Fine Art

One thing that's often overlooked is the quality of artwork... not by customers, but by publishers trying to pinch some pennies. Yup, you can find some guys from a far-off land on willing to work for peanuts. They may even be pretty good. But you do get a number of benefits from working with a well-known artist.

First, you get some damn fine art, at least as voted on by the dollars of many people. You may not like it (personal tastes vary), but the artist has a fan following then plenty of people have made their opinion known with cold hard cash. And they may well buy your product just to have more of the art they love.

Second, you get the benefit of marketing to other audiences through the artist's own web site and other products the artist has illustrated.

Third, you'll very likely get a professional working relationship, with artwork delivered on time and to spec. Which are pearls beyond price when you're working on a deadline.

So look for a professional like John Kovalic or Mo Starkey or Liz Danforth... and pay them well, because you'll get your money's worth.

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  1. Or you can go overseas and get better artwork for half the price due to different exchange rates and cost of living. That is what I do. I think it is silly to pay $100 a page for art when I can get a better piece done for $40.