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Thursday, May 13, 2010

News: Print Isn't Dead

... it's feeling much better? Well, maybe a little better. Seems that Best Buy is starting up a game magazine... you know, articles about games on a special type of unpowered screen made from dead trees. I'm not really sure why Best Buy is jumping into this, at a time when magazines have been disappearing. Still, it'll be a place where game companies can buy ads, so perhaps costs will be offset to some extent. Maybe Best Buy envisions hordes of eager game buyers coming into the store to grab the magazine, eager for the information they can find nowhere else... except all over the internet. Wait, maybe they hope to differentiate themselves from GameStop by having a magazine of their own, since Game Informer doesn't count?

I guess I just can't figure this out. Wouldn't the time, money and effort be better spent promoting the store online, where the customers already are?

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